Nerial’s Card Shark Releasing This June

UK-based developer Nerial’s latest venture into card-focused antics — this time, one of a more illusive and deceptive kind — in the form of Card Shark, appears to be coming out sooner than expected. Roughly three weeks “soon” as it turns out. The tale of an 18th century French aristocrat and his mute companion, finds players partaking in a series of cons over numerous card games — learning the tricks and methods behind a slew of cunning tactics, in an attempt to swindle your opponents out of a large sum of money.

The appeal — as discussed in our preview of the game earlier this year — was in managing to pull this whole deception off, without letting your opponent catch onto what you’re really doing. Whether that’s keeping one’s eye on the wine you’re pouring whilst taking a peak at someone’s hand, memorising certain cards in a deck or simply refusing to fold under pressure — let alone keeping that suspicion meter from filling up. Card Shark’s focus on staying calm under pressure, proved a fitting compliment to its sly premise and pleasant visual style on top. Card Shark releases for PC and Nintendo Switch on June 2.

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