New Baldur’s Gate Title in Development Using Original Engine

A new Baldur’s Gate game, set between the events of Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II, has just been announced by developer Beamdog, who also confirmed that the game will use the same Infinity Engine behind the first two games.

Beamdog previously developed enhanced editions of the first two games in the late-’90s classic RPG series and has teased the new game for some time now under the codename “Adventure Y.” Details are still sparse, so neither a release date nor platforms are yet known, but more information will be announced this spring. Screenshots of the new game taken from a phone were also posted to the developer’s forums and have been included below.

Beamdog also mentioned “Adventure Z,” a different game that will be released after the new Baldur’s Gate game and will be a departure from the studio’s other work.