New Cabinets Unveiled by Arcade1Up

Arcade1Up specializes in providing a home arcade experience that gives players the opportunity to live out their dream of having a home arcade experience. These machines are much more efficient in terms of size and power and are available at a fraction of the cost. With E3 2021 starting, Arcade1Up has unveiled some new cabinets. The most notable cabinet involves a game that is near the top of most arcade pyramids and also a game that hasn’t been readily available to play outside of the arcade.

Konami’s The Simpsons will be available from Arcade1Up in a specially designed cabinet and although the website has taken this down, this will be the next cabinet. The Simpsons Arcade was available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for a time, but has since been removed from the store. Pricing seems to be at $699 for the cabinet and will include a light up marquee and a faux coin panel that will exist on all cabinets for 2021. Pre-orders will start July 15 and the cabinet will have two more games and a mystery game, as well.

Another Konami hit from the early 90’s includes X-Men Arcade, the beat ’em up that is based on a pilot episode of a cartoon in 1989 called Kitty Pryde and the X-Men. This will have its own cabinet and will be available in a four-player layout. The original offered a six-player and a four-player, but it would be cool to see Arcade1Up attempt a six-player layout. The cabinet also includes Captain America and the Avengers and another Avengers Arcade game. No other details have been made available as yet, but it is listed on the site.

The last cabinet adds another fighting game franchise with a bit of a surprise to the mold. Killer Instinct will be getting a cabinet that consists of both the first and second game in the series, but also Battletoads in its original arcade format. Details about this cabinet will come later, but it seems the plan from Arcade1Up for its 2021 releases has a good road map.

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