New Challenges Await in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars with Call of the Paragons DLC

The time to return to the city of Aphes draws near as the forgotten pathways to the realm of Phantasma are about to return. The anticipated DLC, Call of the Paragons, will be launching soon for Asterigos: Curse of the Stars. After completing the main story the mystical realm of Phantasma will become accessible where legendary heroes of the past called Paragons will await the player’s challenge. Beat them and earn the crown of the ultimate hero. Call of the Paragons will feature seven new boss battles in a new environment. Call of the Paragons will launch on February 23 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles and is available as an individual purchase or included with the deluxe addition. February 23 will also see with a free update that includes quality of life improvements and bug fixes. Asterigos was a game that we enjoyed, more details can be found in our review.