New Chao-Inspired Poglings Coming to Kickstarter this Spring

The Chao in Sonic have long been beloved thanks to their inclusion in the Sonic Adventure titles. Raising and taking care of the little creatures brought thousands of fans tons of joy to see their little companions grow up and compete to be the best Chao around. It’s no surprise then that as we go along we’ve seen more and more take an interest in recapturing this magic with their own takes. One such personality is Chadtronic, who alongside Yojoyco Studios and Right Nice Games is introducing Poglings as a title inspired by both Chao care and Animal Crossing. While we haven’t seen any gameplay for Poglings just yet the upcoming Kickstarter is planned to launch in Spring and hopefully it’s what players may have been looking for. We’ve gotten looks at some official artwork and plenty of screenshots and so far it looks like it has a fairly cute endearing approach.

Those interested can check out the official reveal post below and the Steam page for more looks at the game here.