New Deep Dive Gameplay Trailer Released for NHL 23

EA has released its first Deep Dive Gameplay Trailer for NHL 23, which is launching on October 14. More will be revealed closer to launch, but the developers have focused on these specific aspects early on. The main change to gameplay comes in the form of Last Chance Puck Movement. Contact happens a lot during gameplay and adding this mechanic to the gameplay will add another layer of authenticity to the game. 500 new animations related to player contact and desperation plays have been added to NHL 23.

There will be an update to the strategies in the game to better mimic what is seen in the actual NHL. Updated strategies includes a 1-3-1 power play and a counter to the 1-3-1 with a 1-1-2 on the penalty kill. This is also known as Triangle +1 or Wedge +1. Players can assign either Distributor, Finisher or Puck Carrier on a power play. NHL 23 will also feature Assisted Strategies that includes an in-game pop up that notifies players of any opportunities to modify the in-game strategy.

NHL 23 will add two new X-Factors that accompany the two cover athletes: Sarah Nurse and Trevor Zegras. Relentless will increase player ability to shoot and pass while off balance. This coincides with the Last Chance Puck Movement and some of these new animations. Skilled Up allows players to create Zegras viral Michigan flip pass over the net. AI Awareness has also been an area of focus as AI goalies will play more like a human player and will benefit from 300 new save animations. Increased team awareness will come to AI skaters. You can check out the trailer below.