New Details Announced for Pokémon TCG Sun & Moon– Team Up

A few months ago during the 2018 Pokémon World Championships, a new way to play the trading card game was announced. It is called Team Up and all we knew then was certain Pokémon appearing together on a single card to unleash unprecedented power. Now, more details have been revealed including a release date.

Sun & Moon– Team Up is the upcoming expansion to the series. Over 180 cards are included in the set such as a few GX cards like Lycanroc, Hoopa and Cobalion. But of course you’ll be able to find some interesting duos. Venusaur and Celebi are paired, Eevee and Snorlax come together and even Latios and Latias are going to tag team. By combining their unique abilities, these teams are looking to inflict some massive damage to any opponent. Stay sharp, trainers!

The Team Up set is scheduled to release on February 1. Even an Elite Trainer Box will be made available. Check out the official Pokémon TCG website for more details!