New Details on the Telltale Batman Game

Developer Telltale has finally released information regarding their upcoming Batman game. At the SXSW expo in Austin today, Telltale let the audience know that right now the game’s development is currently focusing on the game’s story and script, while the visuals are expected to start and finish closer to the game’s launch.

Scenes from the game are actually expected to be revealed sometime this summer. The story of this game will exclusively center around the Caped Crusader omitting the bat family, but supporting characters such as Alfred Pennyworth, Renee Montoya, Commissioner Gordon and Vicki Vale will be in the game. Interactions with these characters as Bruce Wayne or Batman can affect the story paths of these characters. The team decided at this point and time not to reveal any villains.

On the visual side, Telltale says their taking inspiration from the comic’s vast 75-year history, by looking at artists such as Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, and Neal Adams. What is a bit more surprising is that the game will likely have an M ESRB rating because they’re going for an R-rated film feeling. What do you think of their approach for a more grittier and violent batman game? Let us know in the comments below.