New DLC for Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror Gets a Release Date

Playism has announced a release date for the next piece of DLC for StoryTale Studios’ Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror.

According to the publisher, the add-on will be called The Tied Corpse and will be heading to Steam on May 14 for $4.99.

The latest DLC transports players to a local cemetery in Indonesia where they follow the story of Cecep, who is a gravekeeper tasked with carrying out a burial for the first time.

Players will find that Cecep has an important decision to make during the burial, which will have repercussions on his fate in the story.

“Should [Cecep] choose the wrong one, something will await him,” reads the synopsis for The Tied Corpse.

“While he continues his job, the night turns dreadful; desperate wails and cries for help echo from the graveyard. Along the way, Cecep should learn what he did wrong and pay for this mistake.”

StoryTale has confirmed that The Tied Corpse will have a branching story, meaning that players’ choices will impact the course of Cecep’s journey and they will also be able to unlock multiple endings.

Pamali was released last year for PC, with The Tied Corpse being the second story DLC after The White Lady.

The developer said that its horror adventure title “incorporates authentic Indonesian day-to-day activities, cultural phenomena, myths and taboos [that] shape the horror itself.”

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