New Farming Challenges Await in Harvest Moon: One World

Natsume and Rising Star Games announced the next game in the Harvest Moon series today. Even better, farming fans aren’t going to have to wait all that long to get their hands on it. Harvest Moon: One World will be releasing for Nintendo Switch later this year and will be introducing several new features to the series’ tried and true formula.

The developers aren’t sharing many specifics at the moment, but they did announce that players will have an entire world to explore, including several different biomes within which they can challenge their farming skills. In Harvest Moon: One World, players will truly be starting from scratch in a world without any vegetables. The only hints at their existence are found in a single old book which, once discovered, will lead aspiring farmers out into the world. It’s not exactly a “save the world” scenario, but one has to wonder how long a place could last without any vegetables whatsoever.

Natsume and Rising Star Games also announced that Harvest Moon: One World will be sporting a new engine in addition to the new scenario and features, so fans can look forward to that as well. Those completely unfamiliar with the series should check out our review for Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories; it should be enough to get an idea of what these games are all about.