New Freebie Mini-Game Available from Onion Games

Love is never easy but it’s much harder when some idiot in a toothy crane is tossing out spiny urchins to interfere with the gathering of hearts.  Romeo & Juliet is a new freebie mini-game from Onion Games, specifically the company founder and legend Yoshiro Kimura, who created the game completely by himself as an experiment to see if it was still possible to do so.  While fairly simple Romeo & Juliet is unquestionably from the same mind responsible for Dandy Dungeon and Little King Story, even if it doesn’t have the same epic scope.  A man is spinning on the ground with a crane on one side and castle on the other, trying to catch hearts from the princess while avoiding spiky insta-death.  The entire game is played with a single button, the left arrow key, and the man spins to the right when it’s not pressed and back to the left when it is.  Romeo & Juliet is a cute little thing, as charming as all Onion Games’ work, and at a price of Free it’s hard to resist.

Free comes with a tiny little *-style disclaimer, though, in that the game is reserved for people who sign up to The Secret Onion Cellar, which is Onion Games’ newsletter.  You can sign up for it here to get the occasional info-dump plus the link.  Romeo & Juliet is a moment of adorable whimsy in a world that desperately needs it, so give it a look if at all curious.