New Gameplay Overview Showcased for Atomic Heart

Mundfish’s much-anticipated FPS game Atomic Heart is inching closer and closer to its release date later this month, and yet most of the trailers so far have mainly focused on the game’s surreal ’50s Soviet atmosphere, even ones showcasing gameplay. Of course, there’s always our recent preview of the game to check out for more info, but if you’re looking for something more visual as well, then Focus Entertainment has you covered with an eight-minute gameplay overview for the game that you can check out below.

After a setup introducing us to the game’s world, the introduction of neuro-polymer, the neural network Kollektiv and the robots that resulted from it, and the sabotage of Kollektiv 2.0, we jump into our main character P-3 exploring the mysterious facility 3826. We then get a sampling of some puzzles, showing off a bit of variety alongside the usual gunplay, before a look at some of the game’s characters. This includes your AI companion Charles (apparently pronounced “char-liss”), which assists in scanning areas, hacking robots and equipment, providing energy shields and various special attacks like telekinesis, and even provides bits of lore.

After a quick look at ways of traversing the game’s open world, we get a peek at the game’s arsenal and various ways to deal with the game’s threats, be they killer robots or mutated plants. Crafting your own playstyle along the way, the game will apparently let players choose whether or not they want a more story or action-focused adventure, or somewhere in between. It certainly looks more captivating than ever, and only gets us more excited for when Atomic Heart comes out on February 21 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, where it will also be available on Game Pass.