New Gran Turismo Sport Update Coming July 30

Another month and another cryptic tweet from lead designer Kaz Yamauchi of Gran Turismo Sport. Kaz announced on Twitter today the date of the update and a silhouette picture of seven cars. Some of the cars in the silhouette look to be a Ford GT40, a Ferrari 250 GTO and possibly a new formula car. This doesn’t look to be the same size car update that many have been accustomed to in the past. You can read the tweet and all the speculations in the comments below and see for yourself which cars you think these are. Gran Turismo Sport continues to get free monthly updates with cars and tracks. Speaking of tracks, Kaz has hinted at a French location in this update that may be Grand Valley Speedway or High Speed Ring. These are two classic courses that many have expected to be in the game at some point.