New Japan Pro Wrestling Roster to be Added to Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

The long and storied history of Fire Pro Wrestling World just got a lot more interesting. While the addition of Yoshihiro Takiyama to the roster was an outstanding move for charity, no one could have expected tonight’s announcement for the New Japan Pro Wrestling video game announcement. The pre-Wrestle Kingdom 12 fanfest featured the reveal that the roster of New Japan will not be getting their own game – but will instead be added to the roster of Fire Pro Wrestling World. The DLC is expected to be added when the G1 begins this coming summer and an NJPW-centric story mode will also be featured. It’s amazing that New Japan will be licensed in this series after decades of it not being licensed – but it’s a huge boon for Spike as a company since they go from having an unlicensed game where you can download and create unofficial versions of popular wrestlers to now having a fully-licensed roster to work with. It isn’t known if the license includes prior wrestlers to the current roster, but one would expect everyone currently under contract to be included.

With Bandai Namco working with NJPW for Tekken 7, it was expected that they would be behind the game, but instead, we’ll get an NJPW experience via Fire Pro Wrestling World. It’s an outstanding 2D game and with this license attached to it, it should have a better chance of selling well on the PS4. It’s expected to hit that platform alongside the NJPW roster, but it isn’t known if this will include a physical PS4 release or not. With how hot New Japan is, one would expect throwing the Bullet Club logo on this alongside the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega would help it sell nicely – especially if it gets a lower price point like Fire Pro Wrestling Returns did on the PS2.