New Job, New Troubles in New Cloudpunk Trailer

The first day on the job is always an adventure and this is extra-true when that job involves interacting with the public.  Rania is a driver learning her way as an employee of Cloupunk, a delivery service that has the massive city Nivalis as its beat, taking her hovercraft from ground level to the edge of space and back again depending on the job.  Packages have places to go, sometimes legal and sometimes not, but the point is that someone has to deliver them.  This is Rania’s new job, and she’ll be finding out that driving is only a small part of it.

Cloudpunk is a game about exploring a city that seems to have no limits.  It would be nice if Rania could just drop off a delivery and collect a signature, but instead everyone she meets is a character with a story to tell that will affect Nivalis’ future from the Marrow district at ground level to the spires at its greatest heights.  The city is a beautiful place, intricate and wonderfully glowy, and whether on foot or vehicle there’s always somewhere new to discover.  Hidden areas, secret quests, and much more are tucked away in the heart of Nivalis, all waiting for someone curious enough to find them.

Cloupunk will be on display at the Tokyo Game Show, but if that’s a bit far to go there’s a new trailer available today.

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