New Mobile Final Fantasy Game Countdown Site

It seems like every great franchise has a countdown site for their latest announcements; specifically the Final Fantasy franchise. With their last mobile game, Brave Exvius, Square Enix has seen an influx of new and old Japanese Final Fantasy fans sitting on their phones playing a new rendition of their favorite RPG. Now, it looks as though a new mobile game will son be announced; in five days to be exact.

A new website has been launched in Japan that highlights the fact that the reveal will be a mobile game, (seeing as the bottom left of the site reads ‘Android’ and ‘iPhone’). The only other information available are the words ‘5 Days’ in large font, the Crystal theme music playing, and a quote from game director Takashi Tokita that says,
“Final Fantasy is about characters filled with human appeal. About dramatic battles of anger and sadness. And more than anything, we should not forget that it is about fantasy.”

You can check out the site for yourself here.