New Modes, Daily Challenges, DLC Coming to Tetris 99

Tetris 99, what might be the second Tetris-affiliated surprise release in as many years, is getting a slew of add-on content — some free, some paid — for its upcoming version 2.0 update. First, the free stuff: a new mode by the name of Invictus, will see you face off against 98 other players who’ve all won at least one match of regular Tetris 99. The catch is of course, that in order to gain access, you’ll also need to have won at least one game. For those still unlucky enough not to have made it into 1st place yet, the game will also be featuring daily missions which players can use to earn tickets — doing so allows you to unlock custom-themed backgrounds for future matches.

On the paid side, Tetris 99 will also be getting a co-op mode, where two players can team up or face off against one another as well as 97 other competitors online. A local arena mode will also be added where up to eight players can compete in local wireless matches. The version 2.0 update for Tetris 99 will be available starting tomorrow. A physical retail version of Tetris 99 will also be available starting September 6.

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