New Monetary Updates for Gran Turismo 7 Announced

Amidst some community feedback to Polyphony Digital over the monetary rewards discrepancies in Gran Turismo 7, the developer has announced an update to help alleviate these concerns. First off will be one million credits award to everyone as long as this is claimed by April 25. Rewards will also be increased for online races and single player events that take place in the later half of the circuits. Increased rewards are also coming to the Circuit Experience for each track.

There is a later update that will come with no designated date at this time. This will include endurance races as part of missions, the ability to sell cars, more world circuit events, and the addition of online time trials for those trying to just post hot laps. The first patch will launch towards the beginning of April, so these changes are not immediate. You can read our review of Gran Turismo 7 here.

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