New Neverwinter Event, Portobello’s Campaign, Begins March 31

Most people who follow Dungeons & Dragons or the PAX conventions are familiar with Acquisitions Inc. Equal parts blatant stupidity and harrowing adventure, these live events at PAX are played in front of packed audiences and then rewatched online by vociferous fans the world over. Starting March 31, players will be given the opportunity to join in on the fun themselves with the Portobello’s Campaign event in Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainments’ Neverwinter.

While the campaign isn’t going to be an exact replication of the events of the famous long running game, it will be heavily inspired by it. This adventure is designed by Chris Perkins, who is also the principal story designer for D&D. It it, Portobello DaVinci gathers players to the Burrow Dawn Inn. There, the players will engage in a “brand new, super-meta tabletop adventure.” Promised characters include Flabbergast and his cat, Mr. Snibbly, as well as two rather famous gargoyles. For players interested in the loot, expect a new artifact and companion, as well as additional items modeled after the actual tabletop campaign.


Really, this is great news. Anecdotally speaking, even people who don’t follow Dungeons & Dragons love watch the Penny Arcade creators and crew tackle an adventure, and using the proceedings to create pure comedy gold. Giving the players a chance to play some of that for themselves is just smart businessing. I’m sticking to that word. The trailer for the event can be found below.