New Overwatch Skins Teased in New Halloween Terror Trailer

This year’s Halloween event for Overwatch is now live, and so are all the brand new skins that come with it. Halloween Terror 2018 offers players two new modes to play, as well as several brand new monster-themed hero skins to grind for. All of these can be previewed in the game now that the event is live, but Blizzard has released a new trailer for those who’d like a quick peek at them right now.

The two modes available for the duration of Halloween Terror 2018 are Junkstein’s Revenge and Junksteins Revenge: Endless Night. Junkstein’s Revenge is the same PvE mode featured during the last Halloween event, but Junkstein’s Revenge: Endless Night is a new, horde-style, version of the mode. Players choose a hero and try to survive as long as possible; the longer one survives, the better their score will be. Hopefully this will translate into more chances at the new skins, but this will probably still depend one’s luck more than anything else.

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2018 is now live on all platforms.