New Pokémon and Zelda Monopoly Games in the Making

Two classic video game franchises are hitting the boards this September. The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon will receive their own versions of the timeless Monopoly game. Playing the game will be fun either way, and hopefully will include a miniature Epona game piece and the use of Rupees. Pokémon has already had two games in the past but with hundred of new monsters since then, they’re overdue for a new edition. However, it has been said that the Pokémon Monopoly game will feature the original location of Kanto, which is sort of a step back.

Satoru Iwata stated Nintendo is excited to allow its characters to branch out. It’s actually a breath of fresh air to see Nintendo doing more with their brands; it shows them taking risks. Nintendo used to be a playing card manufacturer and getting back into board games only seems natural. It’s something they want to try and do more of. The Monopoly games will hit store shelves this fall at $45.00 each.