New Pokémon Cards Based on X and Y Available February 5

The Pokémon trading card game has been as popular as the video games ever since Pokémania began in the ’90s with over 20 billion cards shipped across the world. Pretty soon you’ll be able to purchase new cards and packs. This addition will include Mega Evolutions and new Fairy-types. Mega Venusaur will inflict two status conditions on opponents and Mega Blastoise can drown an opponent’s bench when knocking out one on the field. Fairy-types include Aromatisse and Slurpuff; even a trainer card called Fairy Garden. With the new XY booster packs coming to stores, there will be no telling what sort of strategies the Mega Pokémon will play into.

Slurpuff card     Mega Blastoise_EX card