New Pokémon, Features Revealed For Pokémon Sword and Shield

We got a bunch of exciting Pokémon Sword and Shield news last month but more is on the way! A new trailer was released and shows off additional Pokémon, characters and features!

Characters to meet include Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana who run the Pokémon League and a huge corporation. Two more gym leaders were announced, Bea and Allister. Bea is an expert in karate and uses Fighting-type Pokémon at her gym. Allister is a shy, young boy who hides behind a mask and uses Ghost-types. The logo for Sword appears when showing Bea while Shield is shown for Allister making them version exclusive leaders. It will be interesting to see how much an impact these differences make which could lead to having completely different games.

A feature similar to Dynamaxing is called Gigantamaxing. This allows certain Pokémon to grow in size, change their appearance and use different attacks. Previously revealed Drednaw and Corviknight are able to do so. Drednaw can use Stonesurge which deals damage to an opponent while scattering rocks around as an entry hazard for others entering battle. Corviknight gets the Wind Rage attack which removes barriers, screens and terrains.

Alcremie is a new Fairy-type that resembles a delicious cake. It has Sweet Veil ability and can also Gigantamax. In its new form Alcremie appears as an even taller, stacked cake with decorative berries. The Finale attack will heal Alcremie’s side while damaging the opponent.

Yamper is a Pokémon that was shown during E3 2019. It is an Electric-type puppy resembling a corgi. They have the Ball Fetch ability which allows them to retrieve a failed catch ball if it’s not already holding an item. Sounds like Yamper will become very useful when going out and completing the Pokédex.

Rolycoly is a Rock-type lump of coal. It has the Heatproof ability or a new one called Steam Engine. If hit by a Water or Fire-type move the Steam Engine boosts Rolycoly’s speed. We are going to take a guess and say Rolycoly end up evolving into something relating to diamonds after a bit of pressure.

Duraludon is a Steel/Dragon-type that lives in mountainous areas. Their bodies are made of a durable yet very light metal and have two differently shaped hands. With the abilities Light Metal and Heavy Metal there is quite a range for its weight.

Check out more details and images on the official Pokémon website. Watch the trailers below to see some of these new Pokémon in action!