New Pokémon Mini Series Debuts on YouTube

With Pokémon Sword and Shield already having launched two months ago and DLC coming in June, this is the perfect time for fans to check out a brand new animated series based in the region. It’s called Twilight Wings and debuted today on YouTube with the first episode titled: Letter.

We see a young Pokémon fan in a hospital bed watching a televised battle of his idol, Leon. There is a lot of excitement seeing Leon’s Charizard take down Bea’s Machamp. Afterwards, Chairman Rose makes a visit via Corviknight taxi to the children of the hospital where the young boy is staying. Once finding out, he decides to write a letter requesting to see Leon battle in person. Unfortunately, he missed his opportunity but upon learning Chairman Rose left via the rooftop, the young fan was determined to deliver that letter. As soon as he arrived, the taxi had already taken off. But Corviknight noticed and circled back around, even preventing the boy from fainting backwards. A conversation is had and it seems Pokémon have a fondness for the boy which means he would make a great trainer. Afterwards a montage of other characters from the Galar region is shown.

This was the first of seven episodes and makes for an enjoyable way to learn about the region and Pokémon besides the games. New episodes will premiere every month until summer. Check out Twilight Wings below!