New Pokémon Revealed via CoroCoro Scan

In a complete surprise, many fans woke up this morning to news of a brand new Pokémon revealed by CoroCoro Magazine. Named Magiana, it is supposedly a man-made Pokémon built nearly 500 years ago. While no official news has been revealed, it’s most likely a Steel-type or even a Steel/Fairy-type. It has a metallic, dress-shaped body and a gear around its head indicating at least one of these types as well as its origins. Magiana appears in CoroCoro as part of a new movie reveal and somehow is involved with Volcanion, which leads us to believe it will also be a legendary Pokémon.

This is exciting news for Pokémaniacs as this is the first signs of a new generation of Pokémon. With the official anniversary of the series coming in a couple of weeks and the company celebrating twenty years, of course they would be holding a few surprises from us.

Stay tuned for more information on Magiana and check out the photos below for a better view:

magiana scan