New Publisher, Huge New Update, and Firm Release Date for Jupiter Hell

When hell eventually breaks loose it’s probably better it happen elsewhere, like the mining colonies of Jupiter.  There’s still going to be a truly horrific body count, of course, but it beats the alternative of Earth and gives humanity a chance to mobilize its forces into a concerted, full-power strike.  Or send a single low-level grunt in to take care of it alone; whatever works.  In Jupiter Hell, much like another more action-oriented space-marine based series, a single soldier is the only thing holding back the demonic throngs of hell, but this time it’s from an overhead view with turn-based, grid-based gameplay.  Jupiter Hell is a fusion of a more semantically-accurate Roguelike and Doom, and it’s grown immensely since its initial Early Access state back in 2019.  The mostly-monthly updates have added a huge amount of content in terms of environments, skills, weapons, monsters, perks, upgrades, and much more, and there’s still a lot on the way.  As of today, though, there’s also an end-point, or at least a release date that could be considered an end if developer ChaosForge was ready to stop there.

There are three separate chunks of Jupiter Hell news today.  First up, it’s got a release date of August 5.  That’s a fair ways off, but with six planned updates before the release version it gives plenty of time to fit everything in, and leads into the second bit of news.  Today also saw the first of those updates, expanding the number of levels per moon and seriously tweaking the perks you get to choose on level-up.  Those two go hand-in-hand, because traits can have multiple tiers of effectiveness and the larger number of levels means you can earn the experience necessary to access them.  Finally, Jupiter Hell has a publisher in the form of Hyperstrange, who are relatively new but already racking up a nice library of titles.  Jupiter Hell does an incredible job of merging the action of Doom into the more considered pace of a true capital-R Roguelike, and there’s only half a year’s worth of updates left before it tears out of Early Access into the hellish glow of a full release.