New Road Not Taken Update is Now Live

No, sadly the newest update for the roguelike matching game Road Not Taken is not going to add legitimate fun.

Instead, Spry Fox has made some interesting balancing tweaks to its admittedly charming but deeply flawed former PlayStation Plus title. An all new “Normal” (read: Easier) difficulty mode has been put into effect, essentially removing the painful frustration resulting in getting a series of unbeatable rooms. The addition of a timed mode gives players the opportunity to capture as many children as possible in four minutes, thus eliminating the need to capture as many children as possible over the course of seven hours. A number of irritating bugs have also been fixed, including an elimination of the infuriating moments in which user-removed items appear in certain non-procedurally-generated rooms.Oh, and in case there wasn’t enough cuteness present already, adorable Kraken and Golem creatures have been thrown into the mix.

It’s unclear whether or not these fixes will make Road Not Taken more enjoyable; however, we do know that Spry Fox’s latest title will certainly remain just as visually endearing as ever as a result.