Latest Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Trailer Walks Us Through Hell With Johnny Gat

The folks at Volition have released a mini-walkthrough/dev diary trailer showcasing some of what we can expect to see from Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell when it drops on January 27, 2015.

The video airs some information we’ve known for some time (such as players taking on the role of Johnny Gat or Kinzie), in addition to new tidbits of game, such as the “Exodus 10” Locus Plague Gun and a new diversion called “Rambulance,” where players get in a satanic ambulance and kill as many husks as possible.

The new flight feature is also on display, as the video boasts the Hell Blazing activity (which is similar to the Blazing activity in Saints Row IV in which players race around the terrain), as well as the return of bronze, silver, and gold medals earned from the various activities.

Another new ability shown in the video is the power to summon imps (which run off and attack your enemies), along with a war hammer that has a Smite-like ability; raining the power of electricity from the sky down upon your enemies.

One disappointing moment toward the end of the video had the player disable a Spire, which basically looked like a re-skin of the Saints Row IV activity of disabling alien generators. As this game is a stand-alone expansion of Saints Row IV, however, it’s to be expected that a bulk of the experience is simply re-skinned content. While this likely won’t take away from the fun, it does make evident the fact that for the truly new and crazy we’ll have to wait until Saints Row V.

Watch the trailer below: