New Sega Master System to Sega Genesis Converter Solution Available

Back in the day there were all sorts of converters and contraptions to play games on consoles they weren’t originally designed for. One such item was the Sega Power Base Converter. If you never got one, and want to play Master System on your Sega Genesis/Megadrive, then you’ve got another option now!

The PowerBase Mini and PowerBase Mini FM recently launched pre-orders. Both units provide a way to play Sega Master System games on most iterations of the Genesis/Megadrive. Note that the Sega Nomad isn’t supported and Genesis 3 requires additional modification. Rather play Master System on your Game Gear? Pick up the MS2GG instead.

The PowerBase Mini costs $49.99 and the PowerBase Mini FM is $69.99. The latter version costs more because it offers FM audio for supported games.