New Shing! Trailer Show’s-Off Enemies, Ninja Abilities

Mass Creation recently released new footage for their upcoming arcade beat-em-up: Shing!. In the gameplay trailer shown below, players can check out their warrior’s flashy skills as well as the enemies they’ll be using them on. The real star of the video though is Shing!’s unique control scheme, which uses the right analog stick rather than the usual triggers and face buttons. Basing the controls around the right stick allows players to pull-off angled slices, spins, counters and more.

In Shing!, players have four different warriors to choose from and they can switch between them instantly at any time. This allows players to continue combos, revive allies and even conserve power-ups for later use. In addition to the main campaign, players can also enjoy skill-stretching challenge rooms as well as downtime with the party in special lore rooms. Shing! is definitely looking like a real evolution for the beat-em-up genre; hopefully it’s able to deliver on that.

Shing launches for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch sometime this summer.