New Siter Skain Shooter, Armed Dragoon, Getting Comiket 88 Demo

Siter Skain doesn’t produce new content particularly quickly but when it does, it’s news.  The company is best known for the Alltynex series, which comprises three games and two remakes of those games, all released in the last nineteen years.  Needless to say, it’s not a company known for its fast output, with the last original game being Kamui in 1999.  Sixteen years seems to be the sweet spot for all-new content, though, so Armed Dragoon is under production with a demo coming at the end of this week.

Armed Dragoon is a different beast from the Alltynex series, in that it’s a more free-roaming game than the vertical shooters Siter Skain has been known for.  The video shows a giant walking mech tearing through a military compound, shooting down tanks, towers, and bosses with heavy firepower and quick maneuvering.  It’s confined to the ground (at least in what’s shown so far) but shots seem to know whether to target enemies below or above, leaving you free to concentrate on shooting and strafing like mad.  Ammo counts down as you shoot, although seeing as bullets are numbered in the high 4-digit range it looks like you’ll be well armed, and the mech has multiple types of gun to cycle through.  Details are a little short right now, but the demo is being sold at Comiket this weekend for $1, and that should provide more than enough info about what Siter Skain has been up to these last several years.  As for the full release, that’s another mystery, but at least there’s something on the way to keep us optimistic.