New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character to be Revealed Tonight

Nintendo has announced, via Twitter, that they will be revealing a new Super Smash Bros. character tonight at 4 PM PT, at The Game Awards. Perusing the replies to Nintendo’s announcement, Twitter seems to have strongly latched onto the idea of Fortnite’s Jonesy, with many others calling for Phoenix Wright and with at least one person speculating (jokingly, of course, but wouldn’t it be grand?) the new character might be John Cena. This brings the character count up to at least 83 — more, depending on how you choose to count variants or characters like Pokémon Trainer.

The Game Awards, which was borne out of the Spike Video Game Awards, has been hosted by longtime games journalist Geoff Keighley since its inception. Part of the format includes convincing studios to use this ceremony as a platform for big reveals, which famously included the very first gameplay reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in 2014. This is its first virtual incarnation, thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

The awards ceremony will be going live, today, December 10, beginning with the Smash Bros. announcement at the above time, and can be watched in exclusive 4K HDR on YouTube. Gamers can also tune in on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook Live, Steam and many other places.

Stay tuned tonight, as we cover ongoing news here at Hardcore Gamer!