New Toxic Crusaders Brawler Coming from Retroware

It’s been a great year for beat-em-up fans. 2022 brought with it a whole new TMNT brawler in Shredder’s Revenge alongside a ton of brawlers and in the Cowabunga Collection, and we’ve seen top-shelf games like Streets of Rage 4 stoke the flame for the genre for a while now. Today, Toxic Crusaders was announced for a Steam release via Retroware.

The franchise born out of a hard R-rated film begat a kid-friendly cartoon – as was the norm in the early ’90s. Toxie and his friends are out to save Tromaville in a new brawler that features fast action and already has one catchy tune showcased in the trailer. It will be available in 2023 and is available to put on your Steam wishlist now.