New Trailer and Prologue Demo for Raji: An Ancient Epic Release Date

Raji and Golu work at the circus, which isn’t a bad place at all for a pair of talented children to grow up .  Raji performs acrobatics on the high wire while her younger brother Golu stages puppet shows, and they’re pretty happy with their lives until the demons attack.  With Golu carted away in a locked cage Raji chases after him, exhibiting the kind of bravery that makes gods sit up and take notice.  The goddess Durga sets her on the path to find her divine spear Trishul, and armed with its powers and Raji’s natural speed and agility she sets off on an rescue mission through the mythology of ancient India.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is a platforming/combat adventure in a refreshingly different setting from the standard fantasy/sci-fi playgrounds that gaming normally inhabits.  The new demo is basically the old one with more polish and the story parts included, taking Raji through the basics of combat while including a few simple platforming areas that stand out due to some beautiful environment design.  Raji is a nimble hero with a good number of moves, and they chain together nicely as she flips off walls or spins around columns, using her parkour skills for both jumping sections and running circles around the demons pitting their brutality against her speed.  The poor demons don’t stand a chance once you get a feel for how the moves fit together, but seeing as the new prologue demo is only the first chapter they’ll be saving the big guns for later.

Raji: An Ancient Epic released on Switch back in August and has been working its way towards other platforms ever since.  It’s landing on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One on October 15, complete with a new trailer (and previously mentioned prologue/demo) to show off.  Watching is nice, playing is better, but either one is worth the time to check out.

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