New Trailer Released for Mega Man-Esque Adventures of Chris

There have been many Mega Man-style games out there, but how many of them star pudgy kids who have to turn their bulk from a negative into a positive? Set in the distant past.. of 1995, which is in fact quite a long time ago, you’ll play as Chris as he uses his new superpowers to help save kids throughout the world. While his jumping skills may be a bit lacking, he can soar around stages by turning himself into a balloon. He’s cookie-powered and here to uplift those who have been mocked and ridiculed in their life. The game will be released on the Switch and Steam, where you can wishlist it now and it’s playable on PC, Mac, and Linux devices.

It’s set for release in Q3 of 2020 and has a free demo available now for players to enjoy. The game’s concept reminds me a lot of something I would see released on the OUYA back in 2013 or 2014 where it’s a strange concept in theory, but it winds up being a lot of fun in execution. It’s definitely worth checking out the demo just to see if you like the feel of everything up to that point in the development cycle.