New Wanted: Dead Combat Trailer Explains How to Get Fancy

When it comes to video game combat, styling on enemies usually winds up doing little more than getting one killed. Style is the name of the game, however, when it comes to combat in Wanted: Dead. Getting artsy seems to be practically the only way to survive in this one and the newest trailer breaks down the tools players can use to do so.

As seen here, lasting for any amount of time in Wanted: Dead only seems to be doable by staying on the move and constantly mixing melee strikes with run and gun tactics. Mix in additional options like slide attacks, tossing grenades, grabbing new weapons off fallen enemies and outright takedowns, and one has all everything they need to not only survive the battlefield, but dominate it with both flash and flair.

This trailer makes it all look good, but trailers never tell the full story, do they? Wanted: Dead launches on February 14 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.