New Wave Announces Space Ace RepliCade Mini Cabinet

The RepliCade line of 1/6 scale arcade cabinets is known for excellent recreations of classic arcade machines. Today New Wave announced their next cabinet is Space Ace. Fans of the game will adore the authenticity of this release which goes so far as to even include a mini LDV1000 Laser Disc player and Space Ace disc inside the cabinet.

The cabinet itself comes with a 4.2″ screen, ball-top joystick, action and skill level select buttons. The marquee is illuminated and the battery is charged via a Micro USB cable. Additionally, you can play with a USB controller and screen mirror the gameplay onto a TV set.

As you might expect, this level of detail means this costs more than the typical micro cabinet you’d buy at the store. Space Ace x RepliCade costs $149.99 if you pre-order now. The final price will be higher at $169.99. Folks can also opt to order a conversion kit if you already own the Dragon’s Lair machine from RepliCade. This costs the same and fully converts the cabinet to Space Ace.