Next State of Play Announced, to Focus on Deathloop, Indies, and Third-Party Titles

PlayStation today announced their next State of Play for this week, which includes a major look at Deathloop.

The new State of Play kicks off at 2pm Pacific with a nine-minute showcase of Deathloop. In this extended look at gameplay, we’ll get a good look at how protagonist Cole can use his abilities to sneak about, or go in guns blazing. Either way, we’re in for a treat when we finally get to see Arkane’s latest title.

However, that’s not all we’ll get to see during the presentation. The whole State of Play lasts 30 minutes and includes updates on indie and third-party titles. Sony did not provide any clues as to what those titles are, but did note not to expect any first-party titles. Specifically, there will not be any updates on the next God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, or the next-generation of PlayStation VR.

Be sure to check back on Thursday for all the news out of this State of Play. Check out PlayStation’s Twitch and YouTube channels to stream the show live.