NGPC Sleeper Hit Big Bang Pro Wrestling Now Available on Nintendo Switch

The Switch has become a second home for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color’s top-tier portable library, with a slew of individual releases alongside a massive individual compilation. Today, SNK released the device’s only pro wrestling game in the form of Big Bang Pro Wrestling on the Switch. This game blended a mix of 8 and 16-bit character art to bring a more arcade-style feel to a portable wrestling game, while still featuring more state-of-the-art moves. Nothing in this era had things like burning hammers being done, and it enabled players to have things like casket matches and even pole matches. The latter still isn’t something we have seen much of in wrestling games outside of the revenge areas in WrestleMania XIX on the GameCube.

Like other NGPC classics, this one is available on the eShop for a mere $7.99 on its own and should find more success on the Switch than it could in its own time. There are other fun arcade-style wrestling games on the platform like Retromania Wrestling and Natsume Championship Wrestling is available on the SNES Switch Online service, while MDickie’s Wrestling Empire delivers something unlike anything else on any console.

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