NieR: Automata’s Long-Requested PC Patch is Now Live

Despite being one of the highest rated games of 2017, for good reason — and as such, an argument can be made for it being one of the best games of the past decade — one of the very few wrinkles in NieR: Automata, was its PC release. A version of PlatinumGames’ and Yoko Taro’s wild ride that to put it lightly, didn’t quite utilise the benefits of superior hardware that PC gaming can bring. Be it the low-quality textures or even the fact cutscenes struggled to even hit the odd cap of being locked to 30FPS (despite gameplay managing to reach 60FPS); personally, as someone having played through Automata on PC, I can attest to the game’s less-than-satisfactory performance on occasions. For years fans have been asking for the game to be fixed or at least patched yet for a long while, fans were met with deafening silence from the game’s publisher, Square Enix.

That was until in April of this year when, in a fairly low-key announcement, a long-overdue fix for Automata’s PC release, was confirmed to be in development. Now that day has arrived; more than four years after its original release, NieR: Automata’s Steam patch is live for fans to download. You can find the full list of fixes and changes here but a few highlights include support for 4K textures, improved anti-aliasing and thankfully, cutscenes that are now rendered at 60FPS. A fitting reason to return to 2017’s Game of the Year then. It will be interesting to see just how drastically different an experience NieR: Automata on PC, now is.