Night School Reveals Next Stop Nowhere for Apple Arcade

Developers Night School Studio are likely best known for their smash hit adventure game Oxenfree, which was followed up last year with Afterparty. But just as they had also released a smaller mobile game in the form of the Mr. Robot tie-in 1.51exfiltrati0n less than a year after Oxenfree, we now have an Apple Arcade game from Night School coming out as another little chaser. Although from the looks of things, “little” may be underselling things when it comes to this new title, Next Stop Nowhere, which appears to possibly be another grand adventure from them.

Taking a sci-fi turn into outer space this time around, Next Stop Nowhere sees you playing as a courier named Beckett who gets hired by a former bounty hunter named Serra in order to help save her son. The journey to get to them, though, still contains elements such as branching dialogue and relationships that develop over the game which were present in Night School’s previous works. As the teaser below shows, though, it looks like we have a little space combat to work with as well, which should spice things up. Next Stop Nowhere doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but it’s apparently “coming very soon” for Apple Arcade, so keep an eye out for it.