Night School’s Afterparty Heading to Switch Next Week

Night School Studio’s acclaimed follow-up to their similarly-beloved debut, in the form of Afterparty, is making its way onto Nintendo Switch next week. In much the same way the studio’s first title, Oxenfree, eventually made it onto Nintendo’s platform, Afterparty is not too far behind its initial October release last year on other platforms. Afterparty centers around main characters Milo and Lola and their attempt to escape from Hell — and an eternity of torment that generally comes as part of that package — by beating Satan in a drinking contest.

Much like the studio’s first outing, Afterparty saw much of the same positive reaction upon its release, due to its characters, writing and overall setting that gave even a place like Hell a kind of downtown, late-night, but varied and appealing aesthetic. Check out the latest trailer below if you haven’t given Afterparty a try, or read up our review to get a better idea on how well Night School’s follow-up fairs. Afterparty will be available for Nintendo Switch on March 6.

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