Nintendo Adds Three Genesis Classics to the Switch Online Expansion Pack

The Switch’s Genesis library is already filled with fantastic games that cover a wide variety of genres, and Nintendo has added three more gems to its lineup today. The Genesis launch shooter Space Harrier II adds some incredibly-quick action and should fare better here than it did on the existing Genesis Collection on the Switch due to the Switch Online games not suffering from input lag.

Next up is Shining Force II, the final Genesis entry in the beloved tactical RPG series. With the Switch not really having anything quite like the Shining Force games in its library despite being a JRPG and tactical RPG dream system, this is a fantastic way for players looking for an RPG unlike anything on the market today to enjoy it.

Finally, Sonic Spinball has been added to bring yet another Sonic game to the library. This was always a classic example of what might have been on the Genesis since it was rushed out for a holiday release and didn’t get nearly enough love for its US release – but the EU release did get more care taken with it. It’s a fun, but flawed blend of pinball and slower-paced Sonic platforming.

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