Nintendo Files Trademark for 1080° Snowboarding

While people will know Nintendo for their biggest and most recently commercially-successful IP’s from Mario to Zelda to Fire Emblem and Splatoon, the Big N have long held a number of lesser-known and niche series that while may not have been as expansive so far as the number of releases go, are certainly remembered by a fair few number of fans. Specifically in sport simulation whether it be the jet-ski’s of Wave Race or indeed snowboarding with 1080°.

1080° Trademark

Well it seems Nintendo has recently filed a trademark for 1080° Ten Eighty Snowboarding — to give it its full name — and while this may be a simple reasserting of the copyright and brand, despite no new release in nearly fifteen years (the original 1080° did pop up on the Wii virtual console in 2008), could we be seeing Nintendo’s own arcade-styled snowboarding series return in some fashion. It could perhaps be something as simple as seeing the original release (or maybe even its Gamecube sequel 1080° Avalanche) on the speculated Switch Virtual Console line-up. Let’s hope whatever form of Direct or discussion Nintendo have planned in the coming months — and hopefully sooner — will clear this up.