Nintendo Shares the Chaotic New Additions in the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct

Super Mario Maker gave players the ability to make levels like never before seen in the franchise, and now Mario Maker 2 is stepping up and taking it even further. The direct that aired earlier today gave players some great insight to the returning and new mechanics that the title has to offer. While the original trailer teased a lot of brand new things, this direct gave even more than players could have hoped for as to what is expected.

Super Mario Maker 2 includes a ton of new course themes to choose from including Desert, Sky, Ice and Jungle themes. All of the new and returning themes also have night modes, which activate special affects such as low gravity or upside down gameplay. The Super Mario 3D World theme also works much different from the rest, as its unique mechanics make it need its own map and can’t blend seamlessly with the others.

Perhaps the biggest reveal for Super Mario Maker 2 is the addition of multiplayer. Levels can be played alone, but many might be made with co-op in mind. Players can work together or compete in order to get through levels the fastest. Don’t worry as this isn’t just local either, players can take the challenge online and compete against others to earn a global ranking. All online features such as sharing levels will still of course require the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Finally Nintendo has revealed that like Europe and Japan, North America can download a digital version of the title which includes 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online to either join up for the first time, or add onto their existing time.

Super Mario Maker 2 is releasing on June 28. Check out the official English site here, Japanese here and be sure to watch the direct below for even more information: