Nintendo Switch, Call of Duty Reportedly Won Black Friday

Nintendo Switch and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are, reportedly, the big winners of Black Friday.

The biggest shopping day of the season has come and gone. Hundreds of thousands of customers shopped at their local retailers and online for video games and consoles. After all that shopping, who won?

According to CNN Business, it looks like Nintendo’s hybrid console/handheld won out. Offering the same Mario Kart 8 Switch bundle for $299, Nintendo managed to best Sony and Microsoft. According to analysts, the win had plenty to do with the competition feeling ‘long-in-the-tooth.’ Indeed, both the PS4 and Xbox One have been out since holiday 2013, and anticipation for the next-gen consoles is starting to ramp up.

That’s not to say Sony and Microsoft didn’t try. Both slashed prices heavily on base PS4 and Xbox One bundles, as well as the enhanced PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Next year will likely be a different story with the release of PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett.

In terms of software, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare came out ahead of the competition thanks to a substantial discount. Retailers were selling the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise for around $40. FIFA, Madden, and NBA 2K20 also saw upticks in sales thanks to discounts.