Nintendo Switch Hot on NES’ Heels As Console Passes 60 Million Sold

The Nintendo Switch managed to ship a further estimated six million units during the three months leading up to June 30, it was confirmed today during the company’s latest earnings release. Total hardware sales of Nintendo’s hybrid home and handheld console now stand at 61.44 million units. While the Switch has successfully managed to leap-frog the company’s past consoles in life-time sales with previous earnings, sadly the Switch fell just short at beating out next in line, the Nintendo Entertainment System — or NES for short. Though it was certainly close, coming in at just around half a million units behind the NES’ life-time sales of 61.91 million.

When that happens (and honestly, there’s little reason to believe it won’t) the Switch will be Nintendo’s second-best selling console, behind the infamous Wii. Taking handhelds into account, the Switch’s next likely target is the Game Boy Advance, sitting at around 81.51 million units sold. While the company admit that the outbreak of COVID-19 was a factor in procuring parts necessary for manufacturing new Switch consoles, Nintendo have stated that overall production has “almost recovered”.