Nintendo Switch Nears Eighteen Million Units Sold

With the fiscal year coming to a close, Nintendo have today announced that the Nintendo Switch has now sold through a combined total of 17.72 million units since it launched last year on March 3. Needless to say Nintendo’s latest hybrid-console has been a runaway and surprising success, having easily overtaken the previous sales figures of its predecessor, the Wii U, which itself stands at present at around 13.56 million units. Their dedicated handheld, the 3DS, now stands at 72.53 million in total hardware sales.

Total software sales for the Switch also stand at 68.97 million units, meaning that on average, the Switch has a software attachment rate of roughly four games per console. As a result of this continued upturn in fortunes, Nintendo have revised their predictions for the console going into this new fiscal year with the company estimating to sell an additional 20 million units by this time next year. On the software front, Nintendo remain adamant that the next iteration in the ever-popular Super Smash Bros series will release in 2018, as will their long-speculated online service which remains on course for a September release.