Nintendo Switch Update Version 11.0.0 now Available

It’s been a good while since the Switch’s last big update, but now it’s here with a variety of new things to check out. First and foremost is players will notice a new Nintendo Switch Online icon on their home screen where everything related to the service can now be handled instead of having to go to the eShop. Second large addition is the ability to upload images or videos directly to one’s mobile device with the use of QR codes so people no longer have to upload to social media to share. A new trending page has appeared on user profiles that lists what other friends are playing or has been increasing in popularity in addition to some brand new Mario icons players can choose to decorate themselves with. There’s also the much needed inclusion of being able to prioritize downloads at last, so players can pick and choose how they wish to download a variety of things.

The Switch 11.0.0 update is available now with full details and more available right here.