Nintendo Unveils New Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Trailer

Persona 4 Arena remains one of Arc System Works’ most enjoyable fighting games — and one of the few to use an outside license. In this instance, the large and varied cast of Persona 4 shines in a fighting adventure that saw both a base game and an upgraded game because it’s a 2D fighter so of course it did. Having the more reality-based setting of Persona featured in a crazy-fast fighting game stood out and the title itself has remained a lot of fun — so much so that folks wanted the Ultimax version on modern platforms.

While just getting the 360 version via backwards compatibility didn’t happen, a re-release is probably the best overall move in the long run because it allows the game to get a release on other modern-day platforms. It will be released on the PS4, PS5, Steam and Switch on March 17. This marks the first time the game will be released on a Nintendo platform at all, and the first release of Persona 4 Arena on a PlayStation console since Ultimax on the PS3.

Check out the newly-released Fight Trailer below:

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